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Aloha all,

The devastation in Maui is beyond what most of us can imagine, and our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected – particularly the keiki who are now more vulnerable than ever. When we were given our name, Ho‘ōla Nā Pua, it was intended to bring forth new life to Hawai‘i’s children experiencing unimaginable trauma. We are in a moment where the need for culturally competent, trauma informed care is needed now more than ever. It’s important to remember that we are still in the initial crisis phase, even though it has been weeks, and that the healing process will take time. Many of us wonder what we can do to help right now. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that help will be needed for a long time to come, and that we need to continue to show up long after the actual fires have been put out. To that end, our team is primed to respond, and we are ready to mobilize to support the people of Maui in whatever way we can now and into the future.

Jamee Miller

Executive Director

Reflecting On A Summer Of Fun
Aloha friends and supporters of Pearl Haven,

The youth have been having a fun month participating in traditional summer fun activities as well as continued learning to keep their minds active and focused on the opportunities they have for their futures.

As part of their summer learning, the youth all completed a CPR and First Aid course and earned their certifications. The youth learned important life-saving skills and all about how to assess someone who may need help. The youth shared that “there was a lot of surprising situations that can come up and I feel like I would know what to do or how to find help.”

In their cultural arts programming, the youth had the opportunity to go to Kapena’s music studio and watch him record music and learn how recording in the studio works. As a special opportunity, the youth got to be a part of the chorus of one of the songs being recorded that day! What a wonderful and inspiring day for our kids. Thank you Kapena for helping our teens feel connected to the healing power of music and for being a part of their journeys toward better health and limitless opportunities. One of the youth shared “I loved being a part of this today and it was so fun to learn about how the music is made.”

The youth have really been enjoying their equine therapy programming. The team with Kualoa Ranch have been so generous with their time, talents and horses for our teens to increase their learning and interactions with the horses. This month, they learned about horseback riding and had the chance to go on a ride at the ranch. The rhythmic movement of horseback riding is soothing and healing. It encourages a sense of connection to self and the horse, as well as the nature around them as they engage mind and body in the ride. The youth were all smiles and really appreciated the opportunity to get out and spend more time with the horses. The youth shared statements such as “that was so fun!” and “I thought it was going to be scary and then I liked it and wasn’t scared anymore.”

Some of the youth had the chance to travel to the mainland to visit the Lake Tahoe area and participate in a youth camp of sports and summer activities. Youth from several states arrived in Nevada to compete in sports activities and to share with other youth about where they are from and what is special and unique about Hawaii and their culture. One of the youth had never been on a plane or off the island to see the mainland and they were so excited to participate and be a part of a larger network of youth working on their own paths to wellness.

As summer comes to an end and the youth are back in fall programming with regular school hours and therapeutic groups and individual sessions, they are learning the natural rhythm of a soothing routine and how to manage transitions that come along with the changing seasons of the year.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of this program focused on healing and wellness. We appreciate all of you.


Elizabeth Porter

Program Director

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