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Bringing Hope & Healing: How We Help Victims of Trafficking & Exploitation

At Pearl Haven, we’ve established a sanctuary dedicated to healing the deep-seated trauma that affects young girls. Situated on a sprawling 13-acre property in a serene Hawaiian rural community, our 24,000-square-foot facility is designed to nurture the body, mind, spirit, and emotions of our residents. It’s a place where the beauty of Hawaii enhances the healing journey and offers a glimpse of what childhood and future possibilities can be.

Trauma-Integrated Care:

Pearl Haven stands apart from typical treatment facilities by embodying a trauma-integrated approach rather than just being trauma-informed. Using Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), we focus heavily on forming secure attachments, which are vital for the healing process. Our staff is trained to view every situation through a “trauma lens,” constantly asking “What happened?” instead of “Why are you doing this?” This perspective is critical to effectively address and work through the trauma our girls have experienced.

A Comprehensive Healing Environment:

Our facility boasts dance studios, educational classrooms, music studios, art spaces, and areas for laughter and games—all designed to feel like home. Here, the girls have the freedom to run, play, and engage in activities that allow them to express themselves and heal. The setting is intentionally crafted to promote safety, healthy relationships, and healing, integrated into our daily curriculum to foster a nurturing environment throughout the day.

Collaborative Educational and Medical Support:

We maintain a close partnership with the Department of Education in Hawaii, ensuring a seamless integration of our girls with their previous educational settings. This collaboration helps us provide personalized care and keep up with their educational needs, particularly if they are academically behind. Within the first few weeks of their arrival, we connect each girl to a comprehensive medical team—including primary care providers, psychiatrists, and specialists in OB/GYN, dental, vision, and hearing—to address all emergent health needs holistically.

Personal Growth and Individuality:

At Pearl Haven, we encourage our girls to embrace their individuality. We inquire about their favorite colors, foods, and personal interests, which helps tailor their recovery experience and reinforces their sense of self. The farm-to-table program not only teaches them where their food comes from but also involves them in growing and preparing their meals, thereby instilling a sense of responsibility and connection to the earth.

The Power of Dance and Art:

Dance and other forms of art play a significant role in our therapy programs. These activities provide a powerful outlet for expression and emotional release, helping the girls communicate their feelings without words and process their trauma in a constructive and healing way. Our dance programs, led by skilled instructors, are particularly transformative, offering the girls a way to reclaim their freedom and step into their true selves.

Empowerment Through Education and Awareness:

We are committed to not only healing but also empowering our girls. Through our mentoring programs and involvement in awareness events, they learn about critical issues like trafficking. This education is essential for them to understand their experiences and advocate for themselves and others.

At Pearl Haven, we strive to replace shame and pain with freedom, newness, and innocence. We aim for every girl who walks onto our property to feel that she can shed the burdens of her past and embrace a bright, hopeful future. Here, healing is just the beginning of a journey toward rediscovering joy and reclaiming a life of possibilities.

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