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We provide support and care coordination to help victims and survivors access basic needs and services. The Advocacy Program aims to encourage healthy behaviors and connections to youth and adult survivors of sexual exploitation by partnering them with others who utilize their personal recovery experience to receive direct advocacy and support when they need it most. Clients provide advocacy both in-person and by phone, and are assisted with intake processes while connecting the youth with other community connections. We guide clients in creating a safety plan and accomplishing goals that meet the needs of self-actualization with the effort to reduce victimization/revictimization. Advocates meet consistently with clients and offer:
  • Access to basic needs
  • Access to services
  • Court proceedings (family courts, restraining orders, in-court testimony, etc.)
  • Interviews (with Law Enforcement and/or legal counsel)
  • Triggering events (based on individual need)
  • Celebrations, etc.

Who Benefits?

Vulnerable, at-risk, and commercially sexually exploited youth and adults in the community, foster care, facilities, or other placements.

Where does the work take place?

We meet clients where they’re at. Advocates commit to meeting weekly, at any location the client resides on the island. They meet in the community doing activities, get meals, meet in facilities, and also keep in touch with the youth if they go off-island.

When does Advocacy begin and end?

Advocates extend their support -at minimum- 2 hours per week. This time may be increased or decreased based on individual needs. Some clients may need more support than others at various times and throughout facing moments of adversity. This is why we offer support as long as necessary to assist clients in accomplishing their goals and improving their overall quality of life. To learn more about volunteering as a mentor or how to refer a youth to our program contact If you or someone you know needs an Advocate, please call our Helpline at 808-435-9555.
What We Do

Helpo Causes

What is sex trafficking?

Sex Trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or

What is commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC)?

Refers to a range of crimes and activities involving the sexual abuse or exploitation of a child for


Trauma is invisible; the scars are unseen.  Survivors of sex trafficking have complex trauma.

Statistics and Research

There are over 4 million people sex trafficked each year and over 1 million are children. This is a


We provide support and care coordination to help victims and survivors access basic needs and

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We provide support to youth currently at juvenile facilities, through lessons teaching resiliency

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