Guest Post: Be Her Yes

Ashley Romano, writer and mental health RN, has some encouraging thoughts to share with her fellow Hoʻōla Nā Pua supporters.

For those who attended our Gala, you will remember Ashley (pictured above second to right) as the author of the poem “Be Her Yes” that was read during the presentation. For those who did not, you can (and should) read the poem below. Above that, though, Ashley is a dedicated supporter of Hoʻōla Nā Pua that we are incredibly thankful and lucky to have. Here are her thoughts on being our keiki’s “yes.”

Written by Ashley Romano | Supporter

BE HER YES. These words ring truer and truer the more I learn about the reality of sex trafficking. The Hoʻōla Nā Pua Gala was a success in raising money and awareness, but not enough. No amount will ever be enough. These girls need this home, Pearl Haven, and they need it now.

When we hear about
the tragedy of sex trafficking, it naturally moves us. It produces feelings of shock, surprise, anger, outrage, disbelief, sadness, and even disgust. It is absolutely heartbreaking! But what can we do? The options are endless and it starts with a desire to take those feelings of shock, surprise, anger, outrage, disbelief, sadness, and disgust and move into action.

That action will look different for all of us. “Whether time, love, or money, YOU hold the key”. The key to her freedom, the key to her future. The key to her surviving beyond the 7 year mark in the trafficking world.

My husband and I are $1,000 from 1,000 partners for Hoʻōla Nā Pua. It is a blessing to know that our $84 dollars a month will help to save a life. Help to build Pearl Haven. That amount of money looks different for everyone, but it’s a sacrifice worth making.

If money isn’t an option, then give your time. Help spread the word and raise awareness to those who are in a position to donate. Invest in the life of a girl who needs to know she is loved. Volunteer or seek out training opportunities.

Without our help they will never know freedom. Mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, teachers, nurses, carpenters, lifeguards, surfers, etc. Use your gifts, talents, blessings, whatever you have to be her yes. Spread the word to family, friends, and co-workers. Use your resources and be her yes.

Be Her YES

Alone and afraid,

Not a friendly face in sight.

Rejected and condemned.

How much more will she lose tonight?

How much more of who she is?

How much more of who she was?

Who is she?

Does she even know?

Is she worthy of love?

Is she worthy of life?

Will she forever be defined by this contention and strife?

If her world is filled with darkness,

Who will be her light?

If her world is filled with wrongs,

then who will make them right?

YOU are the answer.

(And) YOU can be her YES.

“Yes you are worthy-

Of all things pure.

Yes you can heal,

and together we’ll endure”.

Whether time, love, or money-

You hold the key.

Freedom can be her world.

Commit to her and see.

It matters to that one-

said with a hopeful heart.

If it matters to that one-

What will be your part?

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