We need to H.E.A.R their voices to bring change around this issue, with appropriate responses to their needs, so the cycle of abuse and violence can end.


Health is not just the absence of disease. At Hoʻōla Nā Pua, optimal health is comprehensive. This means healing of body, mind, spirit, and emotion is central in our restorative efforts and interventions, so that a young girl is able to reach her full potential and live a healthy and successful life.

  • Starfish Mentoring Programis our comprehensive mentoring program providing trauma-informed care to youth victims of sex trafficking and those at risk. Our extensively trained and vetted adult mentors provide survivors with one-to-one nonjudgmental support and advocacy.
  • Pearl Haven will provide a trauma-informed, health centric, in-patient approach to healing and restoration by integrating group and individual therapies, along with mental and physical health care, educational needs, and family reunification. This program will be implemented at the Pearl Haven Campus.
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