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The article highlights the issue of sex trafficking in our community, and our mission to build the first facility in Hawaii to provide long-term residential care for girls who have been forced into prostitution.

Some youth are groomed over the Internet, lured with gifts of clothing and jewelry or the promise of love. Some are exploited by their own relatives, she said. “People don’t even realize this is a problem,” said Munoz, president of Ho‘ola na Pua. “Everyone assumes that sex trafficking happens overseas, in Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, Africa.”

She added, “When we’re talking about trafficking of our local children, there is a lack of understanding. It’s often hidden. They might assume she is just a runaway or a troubled kid or a kid who’s just always getting involved with the legal system.”

The proposed home, to be licensed by the Department of Health, could serve up to 32 girls at a time, ages 11 to 18. It intends to meet all their needs in a homey atmosphere, including on-site schooling, trauma therapy, physical and mental health care, and healing activities such as art, music, dance and gardening. Girls are expected to stay for at least a year.
Read the article in full here: Nonprofit hopes to build safe haven for teen girls – Hawaii News – Honolulu Star-Advertiser.



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