COVID-19 Virtual Programming Support Available NOW

The crime of sex trafficking occurs at an alarming rate and is reported to impact Hawaii above the national average.  Ho’ola Na Pua provides services and creates partnerships to protect youth and to support healing for survivors.  We know that in uncertain times, our most vulnerable are at even greater risk. We are maintaining consistent, stable relationships with our youth through virtual platforms to support them during this stressful time. 

EDUCATION PROGRAM :    We prevent sex trafficking by providing education on risk factors, warning signs, and how to get help. Regularly we provide in school presentations and professional training IN PERSON.   COVID-19 Virtual Adaptation: We are working to provide internet safety tips for parents and youth via email and social media.  If anyone requested a virtual presentation, we would be willing to provide that via Zoom.   Tips for Parents During Quarantine: Protect online privacy. Set parental controls and check chat settings on online games, sites, and apps.  Talk to your child about internet safety: 
  • Avoid oversharing.  Do not share personal or identifying information that strangers shouldn’t know about you.  Also do not share nude, partially nude, or revealing photos. 
  • Do not chat with or DM people you do not know in real life. 
Click here for more tips.


We provide support to youth currently at juvenile facilities, through lessons teaching resiliency and healthy life skills. Regularly we provide weekly group activities IN PERSON.   COVID-19 Virtual Adaptation: We are packing kits filled with materials and tools for youth to do self-guided and facilitator-led activities at the facilities where they reside.  These activities also include journals, notebooks, and notes of encouragement from our staff. These kits will be delivered weekly, consistently, with no interruption.   Our Promise: Youth have historically let us know they look forward to these activities.  In order to remain reliable and ensure that they feel remembered and valued, we are continuing to deliver.  We have also offered virtual meetings when the staff at the facilities are ready or equipped to accept. Our Starfish HOTLINE (808-222-1872) is open 24/7 if youth want one to one support or someone to talk to.


We provide one to one long term mentors who provide consistent support for youth on their journey of healing as they move toward self-efficacy and healthy relationships. Regularly, we provide mentor-mentee meet ups in person and/or virtual.   COVID-19 Virtual Adaptation: Our mentors are adjusting to meet the needs of our youth. They are providing more frequent calls, texts, letter writing, and video calls. We know that social distancing can create feelings of isolation for our youth and mentors are providing a safe place for youth to experience their emotions and will help them navigate their daily actions and interactions. Parent and family needs are shifting as well as placements for youth who are in short term shelters. In order to meet youth where they currently are, our mentors are planning the following:    
  • Plan a daily check in text or call   
  • Plan a routine that you can both do, such as a book to be reading and check in on, or a movie or show you can watch separately and then talk about together   
  • Continue to talk about future plans and goals and ways to continue moving forward in this season. Stay positive and remind them of the things that they are in control of.  
Ho’ola Na Pua’s Starfish HOTLINE (808-222-1872) is OPEN 24/7 for call or text if youth and young adults need support or someone to talk to.  It is also open to request a mentor for yourself or if you are an advocate, physician, or guardian, acting on behalf of a youth 
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