Sex trafficking and
sexual exploitation of keiki
happen every day.

The recent headlines and the alarming personal stories are hard to hear and even harder to ignore.

This year with the collaborative efforts of Operation Keiki Sheild, federal law enforcement agencies, and other local organizations, there has been attention to the issue of sex trafficking and exploitation of Hawai`i’s youth. The authorities have led multiple sting operations to arrest individuals that are predators in our community and to our keiki.

Sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of our children are sadly happening daily throughout our state. It will take us, the community at large, to shine the light and stop these youth from being victimized. WE NEED YOUR HELP.


February 1, 2023

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An Oahu grand jury on Tuesday indicted a 29-year-old man on charges of sex trafficking...

April 6, 2023

KONA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Four men on Hawaii Island have been arrested and charged after a sting operation aimed at stopping...

April 23, 2023

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Maui police have charged nine men with various sex crimes against children after an uncover...

January 24, 2023

'Operation Keiki Shield' nets 13 arrests of suspects accused of sexual exploitation of minors...

If there were no BUYERS ,

there would be no business for TRAFFICKERS ,

and there would be no VICTIMS
of Human Trafficking.

Ho’ōla Nā Pua 
Serving On the Frontlines Against Child Sexual Exploitation

We take a comprehensive approach to battling the sexual exploitation of youth through:

  • Direct Care
  • Advocacy
  • Preventative Education and Training
  • Research
  • Residential Care

When we provide these integrated services, we ensure youth have access to the necessary care and are no longer being forced into situations of vulnerability and abuse.

Direct Care for Survivors
Pearl Haven provides comprehensive care through individualized residential programs. These programs include community-based programs such as Starfish Mentoring, Hoku Resilience Group Services, and Advocacy and care coordination. Youth are able to receive the support they need as they walk their path toward healing. Collectively these programs create what is known as the continuum of care which is what is needed for children who have been exploited.


Earlier Detection Through Education
Ho‘ola Na Pua (HNP) is providing preventative education and professional trainings throughout our communities. Each presentation to school aged youth is a chance for prevention or early identification of high-risk situations where youth could be exploited. When we educate key stakeholders and community members, we are able to cultivate change and encourage collective advocacy to permanently remove children from the cycle of abuse and trauma. We share these early detection and screening tools with teachers, law enforcement, local businesses and the visitor and tourism industry and on military bases so our entire community can help identify and protect children and youth from the horrors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Your gift of $1,000, $500, or $100 is essential to combatting child sex trafficking in our community.

Help us to create a bright future for children and youth through our programs that are
woven around unconditional love, absolute respect, and relentless support.

You can help to provide vital programs that are designed to empower Hawaii’s young people to
rise and overcome adversity today and in the future.

information regarding stats for sex trafficking awareness
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