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Supporter Spotlight: Etal O’Nell & Nalani Jewelry

etal o'nell nalani jewelry

When Etal O’Nell began making jewelry, starting a business was not in the picture. Several years later, her hobby has blossomed into a local business called Nalani Jewelry, which has a special line of products whose proceeds benefit Hoʻōla Nā Pua.

Her journey started after visiting a friend’s boutique. Etal decided that she could create her own version of the handmade pieces that captivated her interest. Initially, she says, “I started making jewelry because I couldn’t afford to buy it.”

Although Etal has lived in several locations, her jewelry is inspired by the beaches of Hawaii and Florida. She currently resides in Kailua and observes, “A lot of my color selection comes from the area—you can’t step outside without being inspired.” The glass and shells that define her style have prompted people to describe her jewelry as heavenly, a description which is reflected in her business’ name, Nalani, meaning “of the heavens.”

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