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Monday, January 30, 2023

Hoʻōla Nã Pua (New Life for Our Children) was founded to shine a light on the dark criminal enterprise of sex trafficking. We are dedicated to the prevention of sex trafficking and providing care for children who have been exploited.

To continue bringing awareness to this issue, we are asking the community to join us in our partnership with the Red Sand Project and create a demonstration. It can be the sidewalk in front of your home, at a community park, or on a public street. We ask you to participate and get your family and friends involved in this awareness- raising community art.

Together Together We Will
Shine the Light

The Red Sand Project is a community artwork demonstration by pouring red sand into pavement cracks. The grains of sand provide a symbolic picture of those who have fallen through the cracks and continue to be sex trafficked and exploited every day. | @HoolaNaPua

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