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Together We Can End Trafficking - But We Must Make A Choice

In this powerful and moving video Jessica Muñoz, the Founder of Hoʻōla Nā Pua and Pearl Haven, shares her daily mission to combat the darkest forms of child abuse and trafficking.

As a sister, a daughter, and an advocate, she stands at the forefront of the battle against a hidden underbelly of society where children are subjected to unimaginable horrors. Jessica’s journey, as she shares, is not propelled by her own experiences but by a deep-seated empathy and a relentless drive to end child trafficking.

Despite the enormity of the challenge, Jessica’s message is one of hope and action. She highlights the crucial need for “safe people” – individuals committed to supporting and guiding these children towards a path of healing. Recovery is daunting and exhaustive for survivors, laden with fear and requiring immense courage. Yet, Jessica asserts, it’s not just possible but essential.

The end of trafficking, as Jessica Muñoz posits, is within our reach. From Hawaii to the entire globe, the goal is ambitious but achievable. It necessitates a collective decision – a choice to rise, to fight, and to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Jessica Muñoz’s impassioned appeal is a beacon of hope in the fight against child trafficking; it’s a call to each of us to stand up, contribute in whatever way we can, and to join the battle against trafficking.

Her dedication serves as a reminder of the power of individual and collective action. As she lays down the challenge, the question remains for us: will we rise to meet it?  

Here's how you can join the fight against trafficking:

The journey towards ending child trafficking is fraught with challenges, but with leaders like Jessica Muñoz guiding the way, and with each of us playing our part, a future where every child is safe from exploitation is not just a dream, but a goal within reach. Join the fight, make your choice, and let’s work together to protect the innocence and futures of our children.

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