Volunteer of the Month Quote: Candace Acob

There is something that stirs inside of me. It does not leave my spirit. It has burrowed deeper and deeper into my soul over time. At moments, it is almost a nagging pain that is so deep in my chest it is physically sore. My whole body hurts for these kids. The plight of these children should not be a reality in our “modern” society. However, today my heart breaks again as I hear of yet another victim. The stirring inside of me is that nagging voice, “Do something, these young ones are MY children.”

Candace AcobBeing involved in the work to bring awareness, bringing a home for these girls to this island, and just assisting any way I can, has shown me how bad the problem really is. I have had so many reach out to me who have friends or loved ones who are victims. This hideous crime has even come too close to home recently, when it threatened an extended family member.

How can this be a reality that so many live in and others know nothing or little about?

The stirring—the one that won’t leave me, that keeps nagging me to do something, anything—I pray it stirs in you to be a voice for these who need you to speak for them. You and I need to be the hands and the feet that move for them. We need sharp minds to think for them.

To be stirred so much with a love for these kids—our own kids.

To become warriors, mighty warriors who will fight for freedom from this hideous slavery.

If we fight for others’ freedom before it touches our loved ones, we may be able to save those we hold dear. It seems that some begin the fight only after the battle is in their own backyard, after it has affected their family and done damage or come so close to them—only then do they want to know about the problem. We must fight this fight now for the next generation’s sake, to attack the heart of the issue, as well as the current state of shambles it has left so many lives in. It will take sacrifices to join the battle.

Joining with Ho‘ola Na Pua are many people who give blood, sweat, and tears in this fight on a regular daily basis. I have seen it firsthand: people with that same deep stirring that will not leave them. People with so much heart, talent, and ambition who are incredible soldiers willing to do what it takes. Make no mistake, it does and will take a lot to tackle this enormous issue. These are normal and, well let’s face it, quirky people who have become an amazing team when they joined forces. They are unstoppable even though there are many MANY obstacles. At times, several of them grow weary in doing good. But they push through because they know if they rest too long there may be a stop to the mission that is picking up momentum. It is rolling and gaining speed as the team accomplishes one amazing feat after another. They are blessed in their efforts. Ho‘ola Na Pua is a strong army fighting for victory of restoration, hope, and healing for children. What greater cause is there to fight for than freedom?

These volunteers deserve far more recognition than they ask for and are given. Ho‘ola Na Pua is committed to producing a home for these young girls, and I am thrilled to be able to see it happen. This is what brought me to the island 6 years ago and led me to find a family in a team of people I now have with this non-profit organization. It is what led me to my husband and now a daughter of my own, both of whom I’m so madly in love with.

So here is to the battle, the fight…. a fight worth the effort to a glorious victory. I am blessed. What a truly wonderful, heart wrenching, experience to be a part of this organization. Now I have to challenge you, reader, what stirs deep inside of you, what call to action are you waiting for, soldier?

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