Volunteer Spotlight: Nadia Busekrus

As a senior in high school, Nadia Busekrus faces the deadlines of any senior student approaching graduation and entrance into college.

Embedded within this graduate’s life, however, is a dedication to her community that sets her apart as a remarkably selfless individual, even in the midst of personal transition and the whirlwind of life’s demands.

Sparked by a history unit on social justice, Nadia’s passion for the vulnerable expanded into action last year, as she organized a fundraiser for Ho‘ola Na Pua at her school, Sacred Hearts Academy. Additionally, her commitment to awareness prompted her to have the sex trafficking prevention film, Chosen, shown at her school. Speaking of her peers’ reaction to the issue of trafficking, she says, “A lot of the girls have been surprised that it’s even an issue. When we were able to show the video, it helped many of them to take this seriously.”

This year, as part of her senior project, she and a few others spearheaded another fundraiser by putting on a talent show. According to Nadia, projects like these have impacted her life by fostering leadership and communication skills, as well as by providing opportunities to interact with a milieu of generous and inspirational people.

This outpouring of generosity has spilled over into the lives of individuals with whom Nadia interacts. She says, “I’ve really enjoyed seeing the way that other people have become empowered and passionate about the issue, how we’re able to share our concern and our desire to make a change with them, and how they’ve been able to take the torch and carry it on. As a senior, I won’t be able to continue [at Sacred Hearts Academy], but I’m hopeful that other girls will be able to work with Ho‘ola Na Pua.”

To those who have that desire for carrying on the torch, Nadia says, “Don’t think that your options are limited, because in my opinion, Ho‘ola Na Pua is so open to whatever you can do to help. If you have a creative idea, don’t be hesitant to share it!”

Although she may not be in Hawai’i for the next few years, Nadia remains steadfast in her desire to facilitate transformation in the lives of others; she hopes to pursue a medical approach to the health and empowerment of young girls by completing a degree in nursing. In all of her endeavors, her dedication is a testament to the reality that social change is not an undertaking reserved for experienced professionals, but rather, for those who are passionate and willing to serve.

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