COVID-19 Virtual Programming Support Available NOW 


We provide support to youth currently at juvenile facilities, through lessons teaching resiliency and healthy life skills. Regularly we provide weekly group activities IN PERSON.  

COVID-19 Virtual Adaptation: We are packing kits filled with materials and tools for youth to do self-guided and facilitator-led activities at the facilities where they reside.  These activities also include journals, notebooks, and notes of encouragement from our staff. These kits will be delivered weekly, consistently, with no interruption.  

Our Promise: Youth have historically let us know they look forward to these activities.  In order to remain reliable and ensure that they feel remembered and valued, we are continuing to deliver.  We have also offered virtual meetings when the staff at the facilities are ready or equipped to accept.  

Call or text the HNP Helpline for support, care coordination, or to make a referral. 808.435.9555 (24/7)