Sex Trafficking in Hawaiʻi: The Stories of Survivors

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Sex Trafficking in Hawaiʻi: The Stories of Survivors 

Sex Trafficking in Hawaiʻi: The Stories of Survivors

“I didn’t ever feel like a victim. I never felt victimized until I started listening to other things that people were saying. And then questioning, what is victimization? That is someone like me. Someone took advantage of me. Someone coerced me. That is somebody like me. And it is so obvious I am a victim. It was because when I was 15 and I thought I had it together and I knew what I wanted and I knew what I was doing and I was down for my man.”

“When we called law enforcement to report her missing, they told me “if she wants to be out by herself, then let her.”

“You just don’t get out of this. That doesn’t happen. I would get my ass beat.”

-From the participants in this study.

This report is dedicated to the twenty-two brave people who told their stories of pain and survival.

Read the full Sex Trafficking in Hawaiʻi report HERE

Sex trafficking has been found in every state in the United States including Hawaiʻi and in most countries around the world. The global and national dimensions of sex trafficking have functioned to obscure the unique and intertwined commodification of bodies and land in Hawaiʻi. …sex trafficking remains a hidden and silent phenomenon or portrayed as an issue affecting only foreign-born women. Sex trafficking, which is the forced prostitution of an adult or the sexual exploitation through prostitution of a child, is present in Hawaiʻi but the scope of the problem is unclear. This study examines in depth the experiences of victims of sex trafficking in Hawaiʻi.

Funding for this study was provided by the Kaimas foundation.

The study was conducted by:

Arizona State University Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention’s Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, MSW, Ph.D. and the Hawaiʻi State Commission on the Status of Women’s Khara Jabola-Carolus, J.D.

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Kailua Fourth of July Parade

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What did you do this Fourth of July? Well we here at Ho’ola Na Pua spent our holiday morning walking in the Kailua Fourth of July Parade. While over eighty other organizations were represented, Ho’ola Na Pua stood with perhaps one of the most eye-catching floats.

Our float consisted of a floral arrangement of tropical flowers and leaves on a large truck with two Ho’ola Na Pua banners posted on each side. Volunteers came together the two days before to donate supplies and build the beautiful float. Mahalo to the volunteers and Roz and Pastor Luke Welch for helping with designing the truck decorations.

The sun was blazing, but Ho’ola Na Pua staff and volunteers were already prepared with nearly five-hundred water bottles labeled with HNP stickers. Mahalo to Mrs. Hawaii Kelly Kitashima for the water bottle donations. Community Outreach Manager Tammy Bitanga said, “It was our first Kailua Fourth of July Parade and it was really fun to get out there and bring awareness to the community about sex trafficking. It’s awesome to see that the support was positive. Next year we might even have hula dancers with our float!”

Jade Yim Pham

July 04, 2016