Break Free Run – Support us and many other great organizations

Hoʻōla Nā Pua is now a beneficiary of the 3Strands Break Free Run – The Race to End Human Trafficking: a four race series coupled with a “virtual runners” online fundraising event.

The funds raised from this event ar3S_Beneficiary_Button-2e distributed among 12 different anti-human trafficking organizations from around the world, including Hoʻōla Nā Pua. In other words this is a great way to not only support us, but to help anti-human trafficking efforts on a large scale.

The Break Free Run was originally a one-day event in California. Now, thanks to help from 3Strands Global, The Race to End Human Trafficking stretches over four days in four Californian cities: Folsom, San Diego, Sonoma, and Oakland.

Regardless of where you are from you can participate in this event by either attending one of these four scheduled runs or by being a “virtual runner,” raising money and running on your own time.

If you are one of our supporters in the California area, you can sign up to attend one of the three remaining races. The Sonoma race has already been completed, but the Folsom, San Diego, and Oakland races are still on the horizon.

If you are like the majority of our supporters who are not from the California area, you can still help support this cause by “virtually running” one of these events. To do so, sign up to “attend” one of the three remaining events. Then, on the online sign up form, select the option to be “virtual runner.”

As a virtual runner, you will be sent a runner bag and a shirt. You can then run, walk, swim, or whatever modes of exercise you prefer for 3.1 miles. The idea is that you would do it the same day as the race you “signed up” for, but really you can do it at anytime you wish. You will also be provided with a fundraising page to raise even more funds for the event through social media.

The Break Free run would also enjoy seeing your photos on social media. So make it a day with friends and family and be sure to tag The Break Free Run when you post your pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

The origins of this event come from a mother of an underage trafficking victim and the support an organization making a world-wide effort to end human trafficking. Learn more about their story here. It is a great event that helps support the abolition of human trafficking around the world. We hope you will be able to sign up and help support us and so many other wonderful organization at the same time!

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